Thursday, July 06, 2006

Natural Habitat of Palm Trees

When you're thinking of purchasing an artificial palm tree, it's nice to know a little background information on the real ones. So, where do natural palm trees grow and thrive? Palm trees grow in warm and sunny climates and always near water. Well, actually some species of palm trees do not like full sun, and will only grow in shaded areas. However, most palms need full sun in order to grow properly. These include the common date palm, coconut palm, and queen palm (which can astoundingly grow up to 60 feet high). Some places in the United States where you will find a variety of palm trees include Hawaii, Florida, Arizona, and California. Palm trees are also very common in Mexico and in the Caribean Islands. You may also find them in desert climates around an Oasis. Another interesting fact about palm trees is that they only grow at one point in their life (it's usually pretty quick), and then stop. They also do not grow wider as they get older. They stay slim and sleek all their lives. Pretty nice, right?


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